I need input! I have geese, ducks, roosters, hen, and a problem.[


7 Years
Jan 27, 2015
Redding, California
Hello! I need to hear what you think. I am posting this in the geese section, but might have posted it in Ducks or Chickens, just as well. We are preparing to move. Ultimately, we will purchase a tract of land, and set up a homestead. This may take up to a year, however, as the sale of my home, out of state, is involved.

I have been rehoming my birds. It is so painful! I am down to my dearest ones. I have been so afraid for their safety, once they leave my influence. I have known people to lie about their intentions. The idea makes me feel sick and weak. So, I have: 2 China Geese, one Muscovy duck, and her 2 adopted Pekin ducklings, two cocjin cross roosters, one Americauna hen, and one blind Cuckoo Marans rooster. All but the geese hatched here. The geese have been here so long, that they might as well have hatched here. I love them all to distraction. And they know it.

The geese will come and put their heads up to mine, as I bend over. They nibble at me, but never hard. And, my gander is ferociously protective of me. I feel similarly about the others, for varying reasons.

I had decided to keep them as long as possible, in the hope that a move to a property where we could keep them would happen sooner than later. We live, now, on a ranch where we have been for 13 years, but must move within about six weeks. I was satisfied with my decision, until the well went dry, about a week ago.

We have to bring water in, in barrels and jugs, for everything. The pools for the water birds, which I used to clean twice a day, are dry. I just don't have enough water to fill a pool, when they will foul it within a few hours. Bur, this is not a good situation for them, and I know it.

It will break my heart to part from any of these birds!!! I cry each time I imagine it! And, they seem truly attached to my husband and me. I can hardly stand to imagine what they will think, if I send them away! Will they think we have rejected them? That we don't care? Some will say that I am attributing human emotions, to creatures that are not capable of them. But, if you saw the way they behave toward us, cuddle, get snooty when we are gone for the day, run to us for help, and teach their babies to trust us, you might change your mind.

I have no way to explain to them. They will be confused, and frightened. That is when they always come to us for comfort, and we will not be there. And then, too, someone may harm them. My sweet, special babies.

How bad is the limited water? I would do anything to keep them safe, if they were truly in danger. Are they? What do you think?

Thank you for any input. Thank you, too, for being people who might, actually, understand.


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