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Apr 10, 2022
I thought I would share my story for everyone to read since I am new here.
It starts about 4 years ago when we bought a property in Tennessee. Our neighbor owned chickens and I would come over and help her take care of all her farm animals. I never really thought much of the chickens although I would have liked to have a few to have fresh eggs, but since we didn't live up there and it was just a vacation property I wasn't able to get any, but this is where my want for chickens started. Our home was in a HOA community so I wasn't able to buy any where we lived either, I had always been a Outdoorsy Person and we had lots of pets including a cockatiel, a cockatoo, a dog, a cat and four horses which we stored at a boarding facility close to our home. We finally found property close to our home so we could put our horses on our own property. It wasn't long after that I started to want chickens. I was planning on just getting 1 Ameriucana roo and 2 Ameriucana hens, but we ended up with 4 Easter Eggers chicks (that's a story for another day). About a week later we built our Coop for once the chicks moved outside, for now they lived in my bathtub. Once we had the coop up we started thinking about how long it will take for the babies to start laying, and we realized if we wanted eggs anytime soon we had better get some adults, so online I went searching for adults. Finally after much searching I found a lady who was selling some chickens. We called her up and the next day we brought home Six new flock members, the day after that I found a lady selling black copper Marans and we bought one hen and one rooster. In a day or two I started to notice my black Copper Maran Roo and hen looked very sick they were laying in the corner and open mouth breathing with a gurgling sound, I knew something was wrong. I thought maybe it was the stress of relocating but within a few days it was apparent they were very ill. I started trying to treat them with medicine and put them in quarantine with one of my other hens that they had infected but unfortunately it was too late and both the black copper Marans passed away(RIP Sarge and Hazle), unfortunately, we were forced to give the other hen back to her original owner where she could free range and get better with all her friends that she knew. I knew that in quarantine she was lonely and needed to be free range again. When we gave her back we brought home to young pullets to add to our flock. I spent many more weeks searching for a black Copper Maran for those dark beautiful brown eggs and finally we found someone selling one, we brought her home and a blue orpington hen. Finally it was time to bring out the chicks that had been in my bathtub for the past six weeks, we didn't want them to be the only newbies so we decided to go back to the lady who had sold us most of our hens and bought a Young blue Silkie. The babies From my bathtub and the new silky Paulette all adjusted very quickly to their new life Outdoors and finally that brings us to the present day. Even though it's only been a few months of owning chickens I have learned so much in these past few months. All My Babies quickly became more like pets to me and are always constantly getting pampered and cuddled. My love for chickens has become much more than I ever thought it would be I'm so grateful to have these beautiful birds in my life. 🐥 🐔 :D


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Apr 10, 2022
So glad to meet you! What beautiful chickens you have. Welcome to BackYard Chickens. If you introduce your self (you can just cut and paste -- this is a great intro) into the New Member Introduction forum, you will get a LOT of hellos from other members!

Best wishes with your lovely flock! I bet you are glad to have that bathtub back!!
Thanks and yes it's nice to have the bathtub back but I have to say out of my 14 chickens the ones that were in there are the sweetest ones the rest I bought as adults and they are nice (I can hold them and such) but the the bathtub babies as I like to call them are the only ones who jump on me and love cuddles ❤ definitely worth the bathtub to have such sweet babies 😍

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