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Jun 22, 2022
I bought him with two other Roos. The person said they were pullets but they were lying. They always slept in the same spot. But one roo was hurting another so we gave him away. Then that roo hurt my hens so we got rid of him. We named the last roo Chiquita. We named him when we didn’t know what gender he was. We still keep that name because he loves Chiquita bananas. He makes such unique sounds and once it was storming out and he was still in that same exact spot where he and his brothers sit and he was going to shiver to death but we put him in a carrier for the night because he could get really cold and it was winter at that time. He’s still alive to this day and he’s the sweetest and prettiest chicken we have. He is pitch black and he has a green shine on his tail feathers. He’s super sweet to our hens and he’s never attacked us. :):)


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