Young Rooster help!?!


Sep 17, 2021
Hi all,
Needing advice on my two handsome young roos. Out of a recent lot of unsexed chicks, two ended up being Roos. We originally were not going to keep any but have ended up falling in love as are both very sweet boys 🙄
They are around 6ish months and hormones have kicked in a few weeks ago. They continue to be very sweet and friendly boys, and are best friends and pretty much inseparable (one is much more dominant so it works at the moment).
Only thing is, now thay hormones have kicked in, both boys have taken a particular liking to out little Easter egger Bonnie, who does not feel the same.
Poor Bonnie gets stalked a lot, and when one boy tries to start something with her, the other will often join in after she gets free of the other. The poor thing screams a lot and ends up getting her neck feathers pulled out as she tries to run away as the boys have NO idea what they are doing haha. They are bigger then her and I don’t want her getting hurt as they seem to be only interested in her and the poor thing is terrified of them.
Is there anything I can do or should be doing to help? Or is it the kind of thing I just have to let happen until they all figure it out? I don’t want to get rid of either boys at the moment as they are very sweet and will be good roosters and we have no other problems with them at the moment! Pic of my boys and Bonnie on the left in second photo with one of the roos on the right



Sep 17, 2021
As other pullets redden up the boys will spread their attention to them too. At the moment it would seem that poor Bonnie is the only one catching their eyes.
We have a couple of girls that are a few months older and have been laying for a few months now, but they are much more bossy so maybe that’s why the boys haven’t touched them haha


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Feb 15, 2020
Such handsome boys! Do they have names?
Which girl is Bonnie?

I agree, things will get better when the rest are laying.


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Mar 29, 2020
N. California
Keep tabs on Bonnie everyday, she's prone to getting severely damaged by those two roosters.

I would separate the roosters from the hens for a while till there close to a year old or when there hormones calm down.

When they're at an older age they are more careful handling the hens. Which lessen the potential harm to them.

Fore thought on injury prevention is something everyone should practice with chicken keeping.

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