Vegans of BYC!!


Nov 8, 2021
I'm interested! Who here is vegan/vegetarian, and what motivates you to do so?
What do the vegans here do with their flocks and their eggs?

I'll go first! I have been vegan since last year, due to loving animals and hating how they're treated, ESPECIALLY in commercial farms- my two ducks are where my flock journey is just beginning. It actually all started with incubating store bought eggs!
Dougie, and Sprightly! Dougie is 4 days older, and hatched on Christmas day! She was an assisted hatch, incredibly nerve wracking!!
Her sister, Sprightly is a very sweet girl, they both are.
When they begin laying, I will feed most of the eggs back to them. Im not sure of the best way to do this.
I'll share a photo of my beautiful girls, feel free to join the conversation regardless of your beliefs and choices. Please be kind though! And I would LOVE to see photos of your flock!


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Oct 20, 2021
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Uh….yeah, you said.
Genuine question.
Allergies, food preferences….? How come?
Most vegans I’ve met have said it’s a moral or allergy issue, so if it’s a moral thing I’m just wondering why not eat eggs from chickens you’ve raised lol.
Oh oh you’re asking me why I’m VEGAN, ok. Sorry for the confusion. :p

I’m vegan because I believe from the Bible and Science that it’s much healthier for me.


Sep 24, 2020
🙋🏼‍♀️ I’m vegetarian I do eat eggs and homemade cheese. Eggs I get from neighbors chickens and soon to be from my own chickens. Cheese made by neighbor who uses her own goats and cows and only does it a few times a years as she doesn’t steal the Milk from the babies. She has several cows and goats all pets all truly loved and spoiled on over 10 acres.
I do not eat my duck eggs as I think they are gross I give them to my neighbor or feed them to my dogs and cats. My ducks won’t eat them.

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