Is this bubble foot?


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Jan 23, 2022
One of my ducks was limping all day today and didn’t want to put all her weight on her left foot. I grabbed her before I put her to bed tonight so I could have a look and noticed multiple growths on her left foot and one under her nail on her right foot.
She didn’t seem to care if I touched any of them but she definitely doesn’t want to use her foot like normal.
I’ve never had a chicken or duck have anything like this so I’m not 100% sure how to treat or diagnose it.
Please excuse the state of the ground under her. We have had a crazy amount of rain in the last couple of months and unfortunately we cannot get the ground to dry out. Could her lameness and growths be because of this? Or worsened by it.
The inside of the pen is dry and clean for sleeping but they spend all day free ranging and walking around in the mud and wet grass. What can I do to heal her foot?


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