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Mission: Our mission is to help improve the economic, health, educational, social and general welfare of all members of this association, as well as to promote our cultural legacy, while helping to address the needs of Liberians facing challenges back home.

We work in cooperation with any 501(c)(3) organization, including, but not limited to, public charities, faith-based communities, or foundations in furtherance of the above mission.


Brief History: The influx of many Liberian immigrants in the state of Washington and recognizing the challenges encountered in our new country of residence led to the establishment of the Liberian Association of Washington State (LAWS). Despite assistance from the resettlement agencies and local government agencies, most of the Liberian immigrants at the time found it difficult to fully integrate into the American society.

The purpose of the association includes: educating immigrants about the difference between the Liberian and American cultures, providing services such as social economic empowerment, job placement, application/resume preparation, computer literacy and youth programs and also to unite ourselves as a community here in the state of Washington, and improve not only our lives in exile, but also those at home, as they strive to rebuild their lives after the devastating civil war. Consequently, on the 22nd of December 2004, the organization was accredited by the secretary of State of Washington State, and also obtained the (501) (c) 3 tax exempt status in 2008.



  • To provide after-school activities for immigrants’ children to improve their academic performance.
  • To assist Liberian immigrants with application and resume preparation, job search and computer literacy.
  • To provide recreational services to Liberian children, youth and the elderly.
  • To solicit educational materials for schools in Liberia.