The crowing FEMALE sebright

Chicken poppy

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May 9, 2021
I think you have a male. 😬
Sebright males are hen-feathered, meaning they don't have the sickle-shaped tail feathers of a rooster, but the rounded tail feathers a hen would have.
Although I have an egg-laying Silver Laced Sebright named Stormy, and she used to crow. (Not anymore, though) Here are some photos of Stormy, so you have a better idea of what female Sebrights look like.
Thank you!

Yes, thats why i was so on the fence on the gender, not that im some gender expert anyway, but still.

Thats kinda what i was leaning towards.. by the way, if this does any use, the sebright was going at it crowing this morning, stretched out and high in the nesting box.

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