Adding water to chicken layer feed daily is this ok?


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May 16, 2021
UP Michigan
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I do.
All I do is keep a container full of fermented Flock Raiser. It's been cooking for well over a year now. I just stir it, dump half of it into a bowl and then add enough dry to get a good consistency and feed this to the flock.
Then I pour more dry into the main ferment container, add water and stir.
It's as simple as that.
exactly what I do. Adding enough fresh dry to the ferment just prior to serving offers variety in texture, which my flock seems to love.

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Jan 14, 2021
SW Nebraska
Oh thats great to read. I tend to hover, so leaving the mash for about 2 hours is reasonable. Cold winters here do have me supplementing their feed to up their protein. Adding an occasional scrambled egg to the mash with hot water is a wonderful application. Do you have cold winters? if so, what are some of your winter additions to the mash to help with cold and general comfort for chickens? thank you, just tryin' my best over here! 🙌
Yes cold winters here. Subzero temps at times. Some folks do warm oatmeal occasionally. I give some "floating fish food " to up their protein level as it is 38% protein. Folks also add blk. oil sunflower seeds too. All of that is a treat only though.
I don't worry about them in winter as much as too hot in summer as they are wearing "down parkas"with their feathers.

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