Should I warn neighbor that dog might get shot?


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Aug 9, 2011
I can't tell you the number of times I have heard or read a story starting, "We used to have chickens, but our neighbors' dog killed them...
Right? If you don't control your pets (dogs, cats), you don't have a pet, you have a predator and should expect your predator may not make it home at some point due to negligence and disrespect of other peoples' property rights.

In OP's case, unfortunately, the owners may have an inkling of why their dog(s) don't make it home, which means angry, disrespectful idiots may show up at the front door.


May 19, 2022
Iowa, USA
Are my chickens' lives less worthy than my neighbor's dogs? That's the question I would be asking myself in this situation.
Trapping may take time and is not guaranteed. Even contacting the LEO may take time and is not guaranteed to immediately or effectively solve the issue. How long/how many chickens are you willing to lose before the problem is solved? If you have reached out to the owners and they continue to allow (and yes I said ALLOW because it is their responsibility to contain/control their animal) then you have the right to protect your livestock from death. Shooting the dogs is the quickest and guaranteed way to do so, in my opinion. If the owners decide to come onto your property and threaten you after the fact, then you contact LEO immediately and let them deal with the humans.


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Mar 18, 2021
Thanks everyone, I wouldn’t shoot the dog. I just felt like I should warn them because they had already killed one of mine. So, I didn’t know if they’d make it to anyone else’s yard . I’m going to secure my run so the chickens don’t jump out and run when they are scared. I think that is what happened. I think the jumped out of the fenced area when the dogs started barking and then when I heard the commotion the dog had already gotten him. Thanks again
Nov 11, 2020
West Virginia
Without knowing more about your property, your neighbor's property, and your location, my first bit of advice would be to apply the 3S protocol.

As I learn more, I may tweak my advice.
I build fences and stout coops because I have no intention of killing my neighbors dogs.
They tear my fence up to kill my chickens or pets boom boom 911

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