Should I warn neighbor that dog might get shot?


Jun 4, 2022
A bb gun is a bad idea. Thats just going to hurt the animal and endanger their life. Shooting to kill seems far more humane. Of course the best case scenario is the dog getting turned over to authorities and finding a repsonsible owner. But that isn't always possible.
It might hurt them but a bb in the butt will sting. I’m not talking a pellet gun. Which yes a pellet will hurt them. Or rifle to kill it.


Jun 4, 2022
I'd much rather shoot one with a bb gun than a gun but the laws the law.
You have to shoot to kill so shooting one with a bb gun isn't an option anymore.
The owner can charge you with cruelty to animals if you DON"T kill their dog.
Crazy law!
To each their own. I guess with your own risk. I would rather someone pop mine in the butt with a BB gun than shot them in the head….

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Sep 13, 2011
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For the OP; call your local Animal Control, and the local law, and look up what your state's 'loose dog' and 'livestock ' rules actually are.
Catching a nice dog, and taking it to the shelter, is a good idea. Trying to catch a not so nice dog can get you injured, not best.
While this situation is ongoing, keep your birds in! These dogs won't be your only predators, and your flock needs a safe place to be, when free ranging isn't possible.
File a complaint, call to file another complaint, every time there's an incident. These dog owners are idiots, and need to be 'educated', and owe you for any dead or injured birds, and any other damaged property.
Responsible animal owners might have an escapee very occasionally, and try hard to prevent such incidents, and pay for any damages caused by their critter.

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Jul 14, 2022
I had the same issue two years ago. I called the sheriff, he suggested shooting them. That's a whole new can of worms if you pull that trigger (see what I did there?).

Called the neighboring town's dog catcher who policed the rurals and he came by a few times but couldn't nab them.

Either way we wound up moving into town but this issue isn't an easy one to solve. Good luck with that, I do mean it.

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